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KISS Your Lead/Capture Page >>> - SYOOB - 11-23-2018

In order to grow your subscribers, they need somewhere to opt-in to your email list.  A Squeeze page aka landing/capture page is an effective way to capture your leads. 
There is no need to over complicate this super easy task.   Keep It Stoooopidly Simple. KISS  Heart

Simply offer a problem solving ethical bribe in exchange for their email address (lead).

So here are my 3 tips on how to build a WINNING capture page

  1. Write a Catchy Headline, CLICK HERE for the winning headline formula.
  2. Keep it Clean!!!!! Pure white background usually works best, but most importantly keep your font CLEAN and nice, easy on the eye, aesthetically pleasing so to speak, show your prospect you are professional.
  3. Do NOT over complicate- AVOID long paragraphs and tons of text etc ... this is a big no-no, and it is honestly staggering that so many big companies still haven't realized this.
No matter what kind of capture page you are using, the only way you will ever know if it is as effective as it could be is by testing every new squeeze page you use, and to keep testing on a regular basis.  Following the 3 tips will come in handy as you do your testing, you will have less to swap and test   Wink

PS: Every bit of content you post anywhere should link to your capture page.  This ensures that the capture page receives the maximum incoming link power and ensures that the search engines can find it easier. 

A capture page has one purpose and ONE purpose only - TO CAPTURE THE LEAD.   
Credit to: WF   KISS Your Lead/Capture Page  Heart