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Big Grin 
Hi peeps, Chris here, I am the admin of SYOOB (Start Your Own Online Business).  Cool Why did I start this forum? Because I want to help others grow a list of their own, while I grow mine and support each other in our efforts.

Why am I starting an email list from scratch?  Because, upon being put on unemployment, I decided that having a job was not reliable or scalable vs a list of quality subscribers ... which is like printing money on a whim.

I know what it's like to keep failing over and over when it seems like everyone else is succeeding online. I know its important to challenge myself to never give up, so here I am, asking you to join me on this journey.

Anyway, I have decided to try this list building challenge step by step to see if it can be done by someone without a lot of time and as lazy as me... while inviting others on the same path to an improved more secure future.  

My goal is to stick to this plan for at least a year (and really stick with it) and really focus non stop to get to where I am successfully getting one new subscriber a day, minimum ... then doubling that and doubling that ...  WOOO HOOO, you get the idea.   Idea

So, who is with me? Who wants to do this challenge. Let's motivate each other to work very hard for just 1 single year and see what happens.  

On the more personal side, connect with me on WebTalk CLICK HERE to connect now.

Do you accept the list building challenge?   Huh

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