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Monetizing your list >>>
From affiliate marketing to selling ads placed in the body of your email messages you blast out, there are numerous, clever ways you can monetize an opt-in subscriber email list.

Here are a few monetization ideas:

Use your "thanks for opting in" page to get some engagement by sharing a link to a service or product that will help them solve a problem.

Cross-selling ... show your subscribers a great add-on product or additional products that will compliment it. 

Which is very similar to:

Up-selling ... 'Would you like some fries with that?’ This is an upselling example.

So many options ... you need to measure and track which monetization methods work best for your audience.

Your email marketing results will keep increasing if you track to find out what your audience wants and how they want it ... The absolute best way to monetize your list is to test different ways to monetize your audience. 

Then you can repeat and improve what works and stop wasting time trying things that don't work.   Wink

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