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Help Yourself Articles for Content >>>
So, you want to get in on this list building opportunity, but really have no time or good writing skills to offer quality content ... you can still offer valuable information to your readers!!

Take, for example, ezine articles, you can take 25 articles per the calendar year per unique domain that you own... max 10 domains / 250 articles.  

At ezine articles, writers post content and then webmasters looking for free content may choose from the several categories available and republish the content on their site, provided the credit goes to the original author.

Posting one article a day using this method will give you more than 3 weeks of content!!  ... Totally free.   Big Grin

You can think of this like getting 25 free guest bloggers annually posting valuable content for you.

OR you can use 25 of these articles, put them together and create an ebook or a digital guide etc! ... if you are stuck on what to offer as a freebie lead magnet idea.   Cool

Do you know of any other places where you can help yourself and take articles for content?

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