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1 Way to Gain New Subscribers
Here is an idea for a 'hard to refuse' offer to entice more readers to subscribe!
  • Run A Contest... After all, everyone wants to win something. 
Many people will subscribe, but only for the duration of your contest. In order to keep them around, continue running a smaller contest each month. Subscribers who know they have a chance to win something on an ongoing basis are more likely to stick around.   Exclamation

Cultivating and growing a quality list of engaged subscribers is an ongoing process, and you should always be seeking new, creative ways to find new potential customers.

Staying active in this forum will keep your ongoing process easy and up to date with the latest creative ways to build your list and start your own online business.   Wink
To get more subscribers to opt-in I like to make sure to emphasize that subscribers get things that they can ONLY get as a subscriber.   Wink

What do you do to gain more subscribers?

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