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Using Ad Swap to Grow Your Subscribers List
Many, if not all internet marketers know that having a great and responsive list can make you serious money online. But before you achieve that, you need to build your list first, and we all know that it is not an easy task to accomplish. A lot of internet marketers are experiencing struggles or difficulties when it comes to list building. However, there is one method that can speed up building your subscribers and that is called "ad swap".

Implementing ad swaps to build a subscribers list is really effective, and the good thing is, it does not require any cost. Cool   The idea here is to find a partner who wants to build their list just like you and offer their product or information to your list, your partner will also do the same thing for you. Basically, by doing this, you can add several, if not hundreds of subscribers to your list in just a matter of days or even hours after the mailing. The process here is to give your partner an advertisement in your list and make sure to provide a valuable offer to your partner's subscribers as well. By creating a valuable exchange can help you grow your subscriber's list within days instead of a long period of trial and error.

Our forum members who are 'Email Masters' have a 'members only' section to propose ad swaps!  

If you want to use ad swap to build your subscribers list, it is very important to choose the right partners in your niche and the sub-niches as well. For example, you are promoting a health site, don't ever join in a sports list, the marketer on that niche will not see a need for your advertisement in their subscriber's list. 

But if you are included with the right people, it can definitely save you time and effort. It might be hard to look for a certain people in your niche that will help you generate sales, but there are some good marketers there that will offer you to do an ad swap with them, as they know that both of you will benefit in the long term when doing so.

Our forum members who are 'Email Masters' have a 'members only' section to propose their own ad swaps!  

One thing to consider when doing an ad swap to build your subscribers list is not to be hasty when you don't want to agree with a particular potential partner. You should also consider the benefits of collaborating with others, and you should know their subscriber's list. Don't let them do an ad swap with you if you have 1,000 subscribers and the person only has 100 subscribers, as he's the only one who will benefit from your list.

Within the first few days after the ad-swap, both parties should watch out for, and monitor, the results. If the swap went well, you will want to remember who your partner was in the swap and try to solicit at least one other in the coming months. If it did not go well then you will want to remember that also.

When doing ad swaps to grow your subscriber's list, you are typically getting free exposure and advertisement on the other marketer's list. By doing ad swap among several other marketers, rest assured that your success will be achievable because you will add a fresh set of prospects that you can turn into customers for life.   Shy

So now you know, once you get a little list going, simply use tactics like this and grow your list at hyper speed.

Interesting technique, yes?

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