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Blank slate content ideas >>>
Blank slate solution to offer some valuable content - go with the theme of here's what you need to know and why you need to know it and how it's going to help you - and then at the end say something like "I talk more about this in my ebook".

The most important thing is to create quality content, keep offering solutions to their problems and then focus on making an upsell with a problem solution somewhere along the way, or get them to your website or blog content where it will get them started into a sales funnel.

Also, when you get 'valuable content' sent to your inbox, make a note of why it is valuable and use it as an example.  Saving emails like that is also a handy trick.

Another thing I do is asking myself "what would I be happy receiving?" Useful content or yet another buy this now get rich quick scheme.  What would I like to see for content on the subject?  

What ideas can you offer to solve the blank slate problem to offering valuable content?

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